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CPA Accounting All States Requirements

CPA Requirements By State for Accounting Students

cpa state by state requirement

The requirements to sit for the CPA exam and get licensed vary from state to state.

Since CPA certificates and licenses are granted by the individual state accounting boards rather than at a national level, the rules can be a little bit confusing.

Main idea behind this page, is to help, future CPA test prep takers, and students who are preparing for this exam, solidify their understanding about specific state requirements, before applying for their test, and also be prepared.

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CPA Exam Qualifications Details

If you meet the basic qualifications below then you should not run into any problems registering for the CPA exam. However, if you do not meet them all then you might need to be more selective about which state you choose to register in.

  1. You are a US citizen
  2. Attended/attending a US accredited college or university with a concentration in accounting
  3. Currently have or working towards a 150 semester hour degree (ex. BMAcc or Master’s Degree in accounting or business)
  4. Over the age of 18
  5. Work or plan on working in the accounting industry. Public accounting firms are preferred but private accounting jobs are accepted by most states as long as one of your supervisors is a CPA that can sign off on your work.

You should register and apply for both the CPA exam and license in the state you plan to work in. Please click on your state below to learn about the specific requirements.

– See more at:  CPA License Details

State by State Accounting Exam Requirements

For the state of CT License Requirement click below, link.

CPA Connecticut License  State Requirements

CPA New York State Certification Requirement

For Connecticut Accounting Students.

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Preparing for the CPA Exam

Once you have found your state and are aware of the requirements, the next ideal step is to recognize how to prepare for your exam with the right test preparation material, with the help of our partners Tutoring Services, LLC can make the concept of helping CPA test preparation test takers pass their exam reality.  To avoid all that stress and headache that involves preparing for your test check out the test prep reviews that Tutoring Services, LLC put together for variety of Accounting test preparation vendors.

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CPA Connecticut License Requirements

CPA License Requirement In Connecticut

cpa ct license requirement

Connecticut  state requires 150 credit hours to earn a CPA license, however you may sit for the CPA exam after earning a bachelor’s degree and fulfilling the course requirements below.  The work experience requirements are more strict than most states and require 2 years of public or non-public experience.

cpa state by state requirement

To view all other state CPA license requirements click here

CT CPA Test Requirements

To be eligible to sit for the CPA exam students must first fulfill these qualifications and requirements:

  • Minimum age: None
  • U.S. Residency NOT Required
  • State Residency NOT required

Education Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above
  • Accounting courses: 24 semester hours
  • Business courses: 22 semester hours

CPA License Requirements

Education for Semester hours needed

  • 150 total semester hours from accredited school
  • 36 semester hours in accounting
  • 30 semester hours in economics and business administration
  • 60 semester hours in general education

Work Experience Typically asked for

  • 2 years of public or non-public accounting experience supervised and verified by an active CPA licensee

Ethics Exam

  • Passing of the AICPA ethics exam

Exam Fees

The cost to take all four sections of the CPA exam in Connecticut is $743 plus the initial $135 application fee.  The re-examination registration fee varies depending on the number of sections you are signing up for.

Do not forget to include test preparation costs in your total costs for your CPA exam studies, depending on your learning style test prep costs may differ, be sure to check out our review CPA site to see how you can save money on your CPA test preparation expenses.

Auditing and Attestation (AUD) $195.35
Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) $176.25
Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) $195.35
Regulation (REG) $176.25
Application Fee: $135

**Important Note: You should not apply and pay for exam sections that will not be taken within six months because your Notice to Schedule (NTS) in Connecticut expires 6 months after issuance.

Additional CPA Requirements

  1. Pass all 4 sections of the CPA exam with a score of 75% or higher
  2. Complete verified accounting work experience
  3. Pass AICPA Ethics Exam
  4. Fill out and submit all required CPA license application paperwork
  5. Pay the CPA license application fee

Exam Information and Resources

Connecticut CPA Certificate Application

Connecticut CPA Education Requirements

Connecticut CPA Examination FAQ

For more details, please contact:

Connecticut State Board of Accountancy
Secretary of the State
30 Trinity Street
Hartford, CT 06106

Phone: 860-509-6179

What’s Next?

Now that you have started the CPA exam application process, your next step is to find a CPA review course that fits your budget, learning style and schedule.  It can take several weeks for your application to be processed so don’t waste that valuable time waiting to hear back from your state board.  If you start studying now you will get a nice jump start on the material and will be better prepared to help you pass your accounting CPA test.

In fact check out how you can prepare with the following Study Tips/Methods/Reviews/Exam info and more


Prepare for CPA Accounting exam

Prepare for CPA Accounting exam


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CPA Exam Info

cpa exam

Study Guide Type: Exam-Secrets, Flash Cards, ebook

Prepare for CPA Accounting exam, view detailed exam info, study tips and other information here.

CPA Local and Online Tutors

CPA Tutors

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Study for PMP exam locally in Hartford CT

Best ways  to tackle your PMP Exam for Hartford CT Students!

Discover secret tactics that can help you prepare for your project management exam with confidence.  In this article we will describe several ways for how you can prepare for your test.  If you are attending college or university or simply trying to enhance your career or renew PMP certifications, or find out how to prepare for it and tackle it.  Then we got you covered.

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So here we go list of methods for Hartford CT students to study from

Method #1 Project Management study guides

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Most affordable option

Method #2 With the local PMP  Class in Hartford CT

Method 2 is affordable,  it can qualify you for your PDUs requirement by taking a local class you just have to make sure your class offers your PDUs.   Hence it’s recommended before you take the class review and compare variety of PMP test preparation resources then see if the the local class is the right fit for you.  Obviously if class is being offered locally it’s a good idea to leverage it, especially if your company is willing to pay for it.

Or even if you are a student trying to prepare for it, it’s just easier to study in group in more collaborative fashion inside classroom.  The downside though is you rarely get individualized attention as in case of a local tutor for example.  To take a local class click on the banner below. 

PMP In-person Classroom in Hartford


Residing in Hartford County or nearby CT area before you take your exam consider checking out local class.


Method  #3 Both Class and Study Guide

Did you know that preparing for your Exam with the comprehensive study guides,  self guided boot camps and with the local class in Hartford CT is one of the  effective ways of preparing for your project management exam and one of the  most affordable ways, reason why affordable because multiple students would take PMP class in group splitting their expenses, and pay less, as oppose to let’s say hiring a local tutor in Hartford CT.  However that rule doesn’t always apply, it depends on the local learning center.

If you happen to be residing somewhere else in Connecticut let’s say Near New Haven CT area or Fairfield County and interested in PMP test preparation then don’t hesitate to visit our sister site.

Method #4 With local PMP Instructor yep in Hartford CT!

This method is affordable, because tutors on that site do not pay any agency commission fee, although there is a catch first trial lesson is $15, but essentially what the site does is it allows PMP instructors list themselves advertising their Tutoring Services in Project management test preparation free of charge, maximizing their chances of obtaining student leads.

 Hiring local independent pmp tutor from that site who can come directly to your home and teach you concrete concepts of Project Management PMP exam  is a nice affordable deal, since you pay no agency fee and basically getting individualized attention directly in front of you, with the private local Project Management instructor. Every instructor charged their own rate, hence be sure to compare rates before hiring one, or if residing in CT in Fairfield County New Haven feel free to contact us from either of our county sites by phone to help you get matched with the local PMP tutor in your area.

However downside is it can be more expensive in comparison to a class, that is more organized with curriculum.  Using all 4 PMP test preparation methods can be most effective way of preparing for your certification test.  To find out what domains are on exam and view and compare study guide resources, in the form of e-courses, practice questions, bootcamps, and other resources feel free to visit this link.