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Learn how to become PMP with awesome study guides

Learn how to become PMP with awesome study guides


We realize there are multiple study paths in preparing for your certification exam let us help you chose the right study path.  We have created useful website that can help you tackle your PMP certification exam with confidence.

Which Study Path for your PMP Exam will you chose?

There are multiple study methods available for you to chose from when preparing for your Project Management PMP certification exam.  Our company Tutoring Services, LLC have done extensive research, figuring out what materials exist, analyzing multiple PMP test taking blog sites to see what makes the most sense for students to study from for their PMP exam.

We have researched multiple ways for students to prepare for their PMP exam

We have researched ways how to memorize concepts better, how to understand them process and knowledge groups better and relayed this information in easy for students way to understand.

We have created useful math formulas showing what each formula means, translation of the formula, explanation, and even reinforcement questions to help you solidify your understanding of how each math formula is used on the PMP exam, what you need to know, where it’s applicable, for which process, for which knowledge area etc.  Feel free to check out our math PMP formulas here.

Additionally we have created solidified real world example that can help you better understand PMP concepts

Our company Tutoring Services, LLC specializes not only in helping academic community in subjects of math, algebra,science etc, but also in helping Project Managers obtain their PMP certification, and helping students understand how each major process of initiation, planning, monitoring/controlling, closure is used in real world.

To make PMP test taking concepts easier to understand we have described our Journey of a specific project and how we go through that journey through each major process life cycle and how we relate each real world example to PMP concepts, helping students understand how each process is tied together is what we describe in our Journey, plus we provide PMP sample question drill exercises to help you reinforce knowledge of 47 areas on PMP exam that you will find in PBMOK.

After all how on earth can you memorize it all?  Well we make it easier for students to understand these 47 processes, we created basic quiz exercises to help you practice your skill set.

Confused and frustrated which PMP study guide to buy?


Although FREE resources that we created for PMP exam takers can be great to study from, they are only meant as general guidelines, tips, suggestions to test takers.  If you are trying to figure out which PMP study material is right for you, and see which one qualifies you for PDU, or perhaps if you are trying to get re certified and looking for the PM Training Vendor that has all of the study peaces of the puzzle in one place, we got you covered.

PMP Search Engine for test takers

We have created a small robust search engine for Project management students like you future PMP exam takers in fact, we created not only 1 search engine, but multiple search engines to help you find everything you need for your PMP certification exam needs, ranging from PMP certification boot camps on demand, online  project management classes, drill exercises, flash cards, exam secrets, useful textbooks, exam information, video courses from multiple vendors, all easy for you to chose from multiple prices and see which one is the best.

To make it better with understanding of what study material are the best for your PMP exam we have reviewed each resource, and provided useful recommendations based on our company’s research and multiple lessons learned from other pmp test takers.

If you are looking for PMP study material in the form of a boot camp course that is based on your schedule, check this one out, this super great PMP boot camp which seems to have all the peaces in order plus approve by PMI and best of all allows you to prepare for  exam based at your own schedule.

Which Study path will you take towards your certification exam?

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